Are you looking for a new way to travel?

Do you want to meet local people and learn about their culture?

Do you want to give back by sharing a skill?

We’re committed to helping travelers have a unique cultural experience with local people whilst using their skills to help others. And we’re committed to helping local hosts across the world improve their English in a dynamic & fun way.

Welcome to the real sharing community

Our concept is simple...Get free room and board with a local host in exchange for English practice. No money is exchanged, just sharing and culture.

Who we are


We would like to say a BIG thanks to the following sites for supporting us:

The idea of Culture Go Go was created after living in Spain for a few years. Through our work as English Teachers we saw the need to create a new, more exciting way for people to learn English.

We also found that we wanted to connect with our students beyond the classroom. We wanted to get to know their friends, family, customs and culture and see the real Spain.

That’s where the idea sprang into action…We realised there were two things that people could exchange:

1. Room & board and a cultural experience with a local host
2. English Practice with a native English speaker

Our aim was to create a meaningful exchange that benefits both parties.

Contact us: hello [at]

What we've achieved so far...

Madrid, Spain

Culture Go Go (previously My Family Abroad) was set up in 2012 as a volunteer program in Madrid, Spain. We personally placed English speakers with host families in Madrid. And the results? Fantastic!

Online Community

In 2014 we set up our online sharing community to connect travelers & hosts on a bigger scale. We now have hosts throughout Spain and Latin America.

2015, 2016 & 2017

We continue to grow with more hosts in more locations. And in the future we aim to expand to other languages & this space!