Volunteer with a host family in Madrid, Spain and get free room and board in exchange

The city that never sleeps... famous for both it’s nightlife and culture. Madrid is the laid-back capital of Spain boasting a friendly mix of modern & traditional.


Head to El Capricho Extremeño en La Latina for an amazing array of slipper sized tostas (open sandwiches) with delicious toppings. Great for those seeking a hearty Spanish snack in a rough-round-the-edges environment full of character. Where: Calle de Carlos Arniches, 30. Standing room only.


The view down from the Palacio Real across Casa de Campo at sunset. Or for those seeking a city view try the top floor bar at El Corte Inglés in Callao…sounds random but it really is worth having a drink in a department store for these views!


Head to the stunning park El Retiro situated to the east of the Capital. Why not take a boat out on the lake or rent some rollerblades & get skating? Or for those feeling less energetic simply chill out by the Crystal Palace & soak up some rays.

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