Can we take part as a couple?
This depends on whether the host is willing or able to accommodate a couple. You must check with the host.

Can I take part if I’m not a native English speaker?
No sorry, it is currently only open to native English speakers (but watch this space as we may open up to other languages/nationalities in the future!) Hosts may require you to provide a copy of your passport.

How much does it cost?
It's free to create your profile and search for hosts.
To contact hosts, be listed, and to be sent an invitation to stay in a host's home you can choose from 3 different membership plans depending on your needs (available in USD / GBP / EUR):
1 Month - $19.99
3 Months - $9.99pm
1 Year - $3.99pm
You receive free room & board with the host. Other costs may include flights and insurance.

Can hosts see my contact details?
No, hosts can’t see your contact details. They can only contact you through the message platform. Later when you have been in contact with a host and you feel comfortable you can contact them by video call (i.e. Skype).

I’ve forgotten my password, what should I do?
Go to the ‘Login’ page, click on the lost password option and follow the instructions.

What type of language should I use on my profile?
Please write your profile in clear and simple English. Please check for spelling mistakes etc. Hosts will be able to translate your profile into their language if they need to.

How do I upload photos?
Log in and go to your profile page. Click on ‘Edit Profile’ where you can upload further images.

What type of accommodation can I expect?
You need to ask the host about the type of accommodation provided. You could also ask for photos so you know what to expect. It is also a good idea to clarify if you will have a private room or be expected to share.

What type of food can I expect? Should I contribute towards food bills?
We encourage hosts to provide all meals. However, some hosts may be unable to do this and should state in their profile if they require a contribution towards food. Nevertheless, we recommend that you always clarify about food whilst organizing your stay.

Is a host required to have me to stay?
No. Sometimes it is not possible for a host to accomodate every traveler that contacts them. We encourage hosts to let you know if they can’t have you to stay.

Am I required to stay with every host that contacts me?
No, but if you can’t stay with them please reply to their message to let them know. Also, if your plans change and you can no longer stay with a host it is important to let them know straight away.

How many hours of English practice should I do with the host each week?
You must arrange this with the host before you stay with them. We recommend no more than 15 hours a week plus general living time.

What kind of activities should I do with the host in English?
You should agree this with the host before you stay with them so you both know what to expect. We recommend fun activities such as hobbies, sports, arts and crafts, music, cooking etc in English. Also, you could help them with general conversational practice and with homework for example.

What level of English do the hosts have?
We recommend that the hosts have at least a basic level of English, however this is not a strict requirement. The level of English of the hosts varies but in general they normally have at least a basic level of English & many have a good level of English.

Do you arrange visas?
No. You must arrange your own visa if necessary.

Do I need travel insurance?
We strongly recommend that you buy comprehensive travel and medical insurance. do not provide insurance.

Where can I find travel advice?
You can find up-to-date travel advice on government websites. They may also provide a service that keeps you up-to-date by text message whilst in the country. See our tips for more information on travel advice.