Terms & conditions

a. CGG = culturegogo.com

b. (the) host is the person(s) who accepts a traveler to live with them and provide accommodation and food in return for English practice.

c. (the) traveler is the person who volunteers their time to practice English with a host in return for accommodation and food.

Our Terms and Conditions… in plain and simple English!

1. CGG provides a platform for initial contact between people to enable a cultural and an educational exchange. CGG is not an agency that provides organised travel services or programs.

2. CGG does not share any contact information (address, telephone numbers or email) at anytime between a host and traveler. All initial contact is provided through the CGG messaging system.

3. All images, text and videos on the CGG website are subject to copyright and should not be used without consent. Back links are allowed but not for the purpose of spamming or misuse.

4. CGG does its best to provide relevant and clear information but excludes itself from liability of loss, damage or problems with travel arrangements due to this information (including any information submitted by the host or traveler). CGG cannot be held responsible for any incidents that may happen before, during or after any stay that is organised between the host and traveler.

5. Any information, images or videos submitted to CGG must be accurate, up-to-date and truthful. This information should be submitted to CGG with the permission of the traveler or host. CGG takes no responsibility for misuse of an account. However, if CGG suspects a host or traveler account has been misused, the account will be suspended without a refund.

6. The CGG site cannot be used for any type of spamming or advertising. Any account suspected of spamming or advertising will be terminated and no refunds will be permitted.

7. All images and videos uploaded to CGG will be royalty free which means CGG has the right to republish these for publicity and newsletters. However, CGG will not redistribute images and videos to any other company or website for their own benefit (your privacy is important to us!).

8. CGG has the right to decline or deactivate any profile submitted by a host or traveler. All travelers who set up an account with CGG must be over 18, their first language is English, and are from USA, UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Ireland or South Africa. If any information is deemed to be false or incorrect no refund or part refund will be given. All hosts must be living in the country listed and over 18. If any information is deemed to be false or incorrect no refund or part refund will be given.

9. CGG has the right to edit any host or traveler profile if any contact information is published / submitted or any inappropriate language is used. Any inappropriate images published /submitted to CGG will also be removed.
If contact information is published more than once, inappropriate language is used or an inappropriate image is published /submitted, the account may be suspended. CGG also has the right to cancel any traveler or host account at any time if it is used in a way that it is not intended. Travelers or Hosts can not register if they have a criminal record or if CGG suspects they have a criminal record. Criminal records will be asked from Hosts before the stay. No refunds will be permitted.

10. Travelers or hosts cannot transfer their CGG account to another person. If this is done, it may be suspended.

11. Travelers and hosts may delete their account at any time. However, no refunds are permitted. If a traveler or host decides to resubmit a new account, a new registration payment will be required.

12. Travelers and hosts must do their best to respond to any messages received in their profile inbox. Travelers and hosts must respond to each other personally – spamming is not allowed. CGG has the right to remove inactive accounts.

13. Travelers are fully responsible for obtaining their own medical and travel insurance. Travelers should obtain any relevant visas they may need and contact the relevant embassy if unsure. CGG does not provide any assistance with insurance or visas. If practicing English through an activity which is considered as a high risk situation, e.g. through farm work the host must obtain appropriate insurance.

14. The traveler and host understand there should be no abuse of volunteering. Any volunteering is not meant to replace any paid work. CGG recommends 15 hours per week of language help.

15. Any volunteering is solely organised between the host and the traveler. CGG only provides a means to make initial contact.

16. By signing up to CGG, CGG cannot guarantee the traveler will find a host in a country they wish to travel in.

17. CGG cannot guarantee a traveler will find a host for the specific time they wish to volunteer or for the specific duration they require.

18. If the host does not provide adequate lodging or food, CGG will not be held accountable (please check this with the host before you go).

19. The traveler understands that if hospitality is abused, CGG may take steps to suspend the traveler’s account without any refund. The traveler should always notify a host if he or she can no longer accept the stay provided by the host. Likewise the host should notify the traveler if they can no longer accept them to stay.

20. If the CGG website goes down due to site maintenance or error the user (host or traveler) is not entitled to a refund for the time that the website was down.

21. CGG has the right to cancel any traveler or host account which does not meet these terms and conditions.

22. CGG was formally My Family Abroad. All members that registered under My Family Abroad automatically accept the CGG terms & conditions.

23. CGG reserves the right to modify any terms and conditions.

15 Day Money Back Guarantee Terms and Conditions:

You cannot claim a refund if:
You have received a 'positive message or a reply*’ from any host.
You have not sent at least 5 messages to 5 different hosts each one engaging in a conversation to arrange a stay within the first 7 days of your membership (you need to be proactive!).
You do not have a 'complete profile**' from the beginning of your membership to the point of your claim.
You have already been refunded for a claim.
You include any contact details within your profile or any message sent.

At what point can you claim?
You can claim a refund if you have not received a 'positive message or reply*' 15 or more days after sending your fifth message to another host. It does not have to be in response to a message you sent. This can be a new conversation started by any host on Culture Go Go.
You then have a further 15 days to make your claim.

*What is a positive message or reply?
Any reply / message sent to you from any host which implies that they would like to engage in a conversation with you to arrange for you to stay.

**What is a ‘complete profile’?
You must have a profile photo of you showing your face.
You must have at least 2 extra different photos of you uploaded on your profile.
You must have completed the 'About Me' and 'Why would you like to stay with a host?’ section of at least 80 words in each.

Each claim will be treated separately case by case.
Once refunded you will no longer have premium membership.
This offer applies to any memberships bought after 12th January 2016.

Data Protection

Culturegogo.com (CGG) considers the privacy of its users to be extremely important. CGG collects information when a user submits a registration form, registers for a newsletter or contacts CGG.

CGG only collects data that is relevant for that purpose, and securely kept. No contact details of user are at any point published by CGG. CGG does not sell or trade any information collected to any other company.

CGG uses Google Analytics as a way to measure how successful culturegogo.com is doing. No personal data, like email addresses or names, is collected. For example we can see which pages are visited most frequently so we can improve our service.