Make your profile shine

Use your profile to find your perfect match. Tell the hosts lots about yourself, your likes & hobbies, your skills (are you creative, musical, good at cooking?) your studies, your work etc. Also, tell them about your friends and family. And don’t forgot to add some photos and verify your profile by video.

Introductory message

The first message you send to a host is really important. They want to know why you want to stay with them (not just any host) - do you have hobbies in common? Or is your little brother the same age as their kid? Also, tell them what you can offer them - like practicing English whilst cooking recipes from your country or doing creative activities with the kids.

Getting to know each other by Video Call

It’s so so important to get to know a host before you arrange to stay with them. After initial contact through the Culture Go Go messaging system arrange further contact through phone calls, emails and video calls when you’re ready. You could even introduce them to your friends, family & pets.
Making contact via Video Call (e.g. Skype) is an important step to get to know each other and feel comfortable before you commit to anything.

Confirming by 'invitation'

Once you've had plenty of contact with your host & arranged the stay you can then ask them to confirm the stay by sending you an 'invitation'. They simply invite you to stay by completing an 'invitation' form with the agreed dates. You'll receive it by email - you can simply message them to confirm that all is correct.

Making plans

Communication is key! We recommend you keep your English clear & simple when contacting a host (unless they have a very high level) so that you don’t have any misunderstandings. And if you’re not sure, just ask! It’s better to double-check than have confusions. Don’t forget to talk about important things like where you will sleep, duration of stay, arrival date etc

Coming to an agreement

It’s essential that you ask your host exactly what is expected of you before you arrange to stay with them. What kind of English speaking activities and practice do they want? How many hours of practice do they want a day/week? We recommend up to 15 hours per week between all household members. Are there any other duties involved?…cooking, cleaning, looking after the kids/dogs etc

Sharing contact details

Initial contact is made with the host through the Culture Go Go messaging system. When you feel comfortable with a host you can then share your contact details but we recommend you only do this when you feel ready.

Important documents

Once you have finalized your stay with the host and had plenty of contact with them they may request some documents from you:
- A copy of your passport (you can request the same from the host).
- A criminal check (you can find out online how to do this in your country/state).
- A copy of your travel and medical insurance.
Only send these documents if you have had lots of contact with the host and feel comfortable to do so.

Trial period

If you are looking for a more long-term stay it may be beneficial to arrange a trial period of 1-2 weeks with your host to check that you get on well. And it can be a good idea to have a back-up plan in this case.

Allergies & illnesses

Don’t forget to tell your host about any allergies, illnesses or other important information you have that may affect your stay. It is better to be clear & honest before you go to stay with them. An open & honest experience is a better experience.