Make it fun

You’re not a teacher you're a native English speaker. Make the time you spend with your host practicing English fun, dynamic and creative.

Activities in English

This is where you can get creative…cooking, sports, art, music, general conversation, homework, media, dance, yoga, shopping, beauty, board games, films… Chat to your host about the sort of activities they enjoy doing.

Materials & resources

Ask your host about what materials and resources they have to hand. Do they have materials for art activities? Do they have sports equipment? Is there a tennis court nearby? Do they have any musical instruments? Do they have the ingredients to bake a cake?

Helping around the house

Remember you’re not staying in a hotel…you’re one more of the household, so make sure you help out round the house. Ask your host what you can do to help and what the household rules are. It’s better to be clear at the beginning and avoid any mis-understandings about responsibilities. If you feel too shy to keep asking then just follow suit and go along with what your host does.

Being respectful

You may find that your host doesn’t do things the same way that you do at home…but remember you’re in their home and must try to respect the way they do things. Anyway, meeting people from different cultures & backgrounds is the best way to escape your own daily routine!

Getting involved

Don’t be shy, get involved and be pro-active! It doesn’t matter if you get things wrong as long as people see you are trying. And the experience is so much more rewarding when you don’t shut yourself away in your room and you do get fully involved.


Communication is key! When staying in someone else's home, little things can become big things if they are not talked about. Have a chat & a laugh about things and keep it open.


You may find that the timetable in your host’s home is very different to back home. Talk to them about meal times, siesta times, bed times, English practice time etc.